Small-time investors in Trump’s Truth Social reckon with stock collapse
"investing in Truth Social is less a business calculation than a statement of faith in the former president and the business traded under his initials, DJT"
You know, if they had this much faith & willingness to invest in *America*, our nation could actually benefit from them.
But, no...they'd rather blame the libs:

As Speaker Johnson fails again, Republicans confront ‘pure chaos’
After Speaker Mike Johnson again failed to advance a key priority, House Republicans met behind closed doors. The result was described as “pure chaos.”

Congress must let Ukraine win
"If Russia breaks through, this will be our fault. And then we will understand what we have lost. Everything that Ukraine is doing for us can be reversed. If Ukraine is defeated, we will find ourselves in a far more dangerous world"
Let's not go there

All the more reason for decent Americans to stand up for the defense of both:

Alvin Bragg Slams Trump's Recusal Motion
According to Bragg, Trump's arguments hold no merit
...I'll say:

Russian trolls target U.S. support for Ukraine, Kremlin documents show
This shit again...
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‘Mischief and problems’: rightwing activists ramp up drive to hand-count ballots
"ditching machines and exclusively hand-counting ballots is time-consuming, expensive and more prone to human error"
So it's expensive, inefficient, and less secure. I can see why Republicans are fans!

Trump Says He’s a Modern Day Nelson Mandela
He added: “We have to Save our Country from these Political Operatives masquerading as Prosecutors and Judges, and I am willing to sacrifice my Freedom for that worthy cause.”

I am proud to have spoken out against Putin’s crimes in Ukraine
By Vladimir Kara-Murz
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"the bottom line: We can’t let anyone — not the Supreme Court, not Donald Trump and certainly not a random busybody from the 19th century — take away Americans’ right to access medication abortion. We must protect the ability of doctors, pharmacies and patients to receive in the mail the supplies they need to exercise their right to reproductive care"
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