Damn...I was just on my way to block TFG on the blue bird site and he is already suspended. Wonder WTF he did now...and by "wonder," I mean I am glad I didn't see it FFS...
...scratch that--it was a parody account that was suspended. I can't find the one that is supposedly his. Did Elon come to his senses?

...yeah--I needed that laugh too...

2nd edit--found it and blocked it. Fuck that shit with a chainsaw of votes, or blocks in this case...

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@AFinLA We're going to hear about everything he tweets whether we're on Twitter or not. I didn't follow him then and won't now, but really it makes no difference.

Unless he uses it to foment an insurrection again. That wouldn't be good.

@AFinLA Yeah, when I heard he was back, that was the last straw. I'm not waiting for the site to implode.

I'm deleting my dead bird account on Monday after I find everyone I follow who's migrating over here from there.

@AFinLA It's Monday, and guess what I did!

Ta da! I deleted it!

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