Supreme Court abortion case per MSNBC
Wait, what?
SCOTUS dismissed Mifepristone case on the grounds that the lawyers who brought it lacked standing. As of now, access to mifepristone remains.
...OK, but we still need to remain vigilant...

G7 Leaders Agree To Major Deal To Support Ukraine: Report
The frozen Russian assets will be heading to Kyiv
"allowing Ukrainians to receive critical resources needed to defend itself and rebuild parts of the war-torn country"

I will just say this about Martha-Ann Alito's temper tantrum about the Pride flag:
Time for some mood music!
Pride Month Song - SNL

Republicans Say Access to Birth Control Is Protected. They’re Lying
"There is a reason why one in five adults living in the U.S. consider the right to use contraception actively under threat—because it is:"

"If we can establish that Joe Biden is successful, and the country is better off, it allows us to credit this success to Biden’s age and experience, helping turn his age into an asset...We become strong, successful, winning. They become weak, craven and desperate, losing"

Trump’s aspiring running mates are confronting an ironic question
"Team Trump wants to know about would-be running mates’ criminal background, despite the fact that Trump himself is now a convicted criminal"

In 2024 race, billionaires willing to discard democracy concerns
"Even if greed were the sole motivating factor for these 'high-dollar donors at banks, hedge funds and other financial firms,' the quicker they are to downplay the importance of democracy, the more they’re putting their own bottom lines at risk"

How Republicans used misleading videos to attack Biden in a 24-hour period
Such deceptively edited videos, known as “cheap fakes,” have become staples of Republican attacks against the president.

"Terrible"– MAGA Slams Trump for Endorsing Nevada “RINO” Candidate Sam Brown
MAGA account: "We get b*tch slapped with Trump endorsing that empty suit loser"

MAGA Republicans tip their hand: They’re after contraception, too
There is no doubt that the GOP is waging war on women.
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100-year-old vet returns to Normandy and marries bride, 96, near D-Day beaches
Centenarian Harold Terens, who served in the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II, married Jeanne Swerlin in a symbolic ceremony during D-Day celebrations in France
I'm not crying--you're crying:

For presidents, it’s not age but judgment that matters
"the measure of a president — regardless of that officeholder’s level of spryness or eloquence — is the capacity to perform a singularly important job: making good decisions on behalf of others in keeping with our laws and national values. No reasonable person would conclude, based on all available evidence, that Trump can do so; no fair person would conclude that Biden’s age impedes him from doing so"
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MAGA AZ Seniors Hospitalized in 110 Degree Heat So Trump Can Attend Night Event in CA With Billionaires
Multiple people were hauled off in stretchers at Trump rally

Conservatives tied to Trump want to limit insurance coverage for abortions
The proposal could make it more difficult for those with private-employer insurance to get out-of-state abortions, legal experts say
"the Heritage Foundation...has publicly called for using federal labor law to limit the ability of private employers to provide coverage that includes abortions in states with abortion restrictions. Trump insiders have also discussed these ideas"
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Why Trump’s weird flip-flopping on absentee balloting matters
"The Republican base has absolutely no idea what to think about absentee balloting and voting by mail, and the former president’s followers aren’t sure which of his competing messages to believe.
Trump and the RNC are now encouraging the party’s voters to take advantage of early-voting opportunities, but officials shouldn’t be surprised if the base is skeptical. After all, Trump told them to be"

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