Popping in after that FUCKED UP SCOTUS CRAP with this from David Pepper:
"the general election will be Trump versus Biden. That’s the choice...
this will come down to the people, and not a court.
No more distractions...that’s the choice the people will face—and it will be made in November, by the voters, and not by a court.
Prepare accordingly.
Act accordingly"

Why Republicans are struggling to find an impeachment off-ramp
"the party came to believe it had to launch an impeachment inquiry, not because of the facts, but because of perceptions. To follow the evidence might make the president look better, so the absence of evidence had to be ignored"
What does that sound like? Oh yeah:
George Orwell — 'The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.'

Despite recent rhetoric, Republicans hedge on new IVF protections
"the measure would have no force of law or policy significance. For all intents and purposes, her proposal is intended to be symbolic: If the GOP-led House approved the resolution, it would effectively be members’ way of saying they like IVF — without actually doing any meaningful work"

Jack Smith says Trump’s handling of classified docs was far worse than Biden’s
In a new filing in Trump’s Florida case, Smith cited Robert Hur’s report on Joe Biden’s retention of classified material.

"The moment that pretty much ended it came when Mike Roman’s attorney, Ashleigh Merchant, tried to get Nathan Wade’s former law partner and divorce attorney to testify about the timing of the Willis/Wade relationship...
star witness and former Wade law partner Terrence Bradley testified that he had no knowledge of what the relationship started and he was only speculating, 'I was speculating'"

I’m begging you not to Google for airline customer service numbers
I regret to tell you about another way you might be tricked out of money
"People searching Google for airline contact information when they have a problem occasionally find bogus customer service phone numbers listed at or near the top of Google.
If you call, crooks posing as airline reps try to persuade you to pay to rebook a flight or another task. Your money goes poof"

Meet the Religious Crusaders Fighting for Abortion Rights
Christian conservatives worked to topple Roe. Can members of different faiths save abortion access?
“We are multiple faiths, multiple belief systems, and we all support abortion because of our faith...Not in spite of our faith. Because of our faith”

Nazis at CPAC is a frog-in-boiling-water moment for the right
The white supremacist right is penetrating the mainstream right with increasing ease

Kellogg’s CEO: Let them eat Corn Flakes for dinner
"His advice hasn’t landed well with people frustrated by spending 26% more on groceries since 2020; on social media the campaign is being seen as insensitive" Corporate greed sucks:

NBC editor slams CPAC after group denies Nazis attended:
"The Nazis introduced themselves to me at a mixer and said they were national socialists, started talking about skull measurements and pushing the conspiracy theory that all races were being controlled by Jewish people...They were posting about their presence at CPAC online...Either CPAC is lying about having no idea about this, or they simply don’t have a grasp on who they approved to come to their conference"

Nephew of Fmr. RNC Chair Proposes Resolution to Ban RNC From Paying Trump Legal Bills
"Normally, the RNC is dedicated to providing support to candidates around the country in crucial swing races for Governor, Senate, House and other offices. These are often candidates who aren't as well financed where help from the RNC is desperately needed. Barbour recognizes that fact and doesn't want to see the budget of the RNC become Trump's legal defense or slush fund""

Alabama embryo ruling may have devastating effect on cancer patients
"Worries are mounting that other states could adopt similar rulings that would impede fertility medicine for people, including many cancer patients, who say assisted reproductive technology might be their only way of having a family after treatments:"
Gift link:

Judge Engoron Denies Trump's Attempt To Stay $350+ Million Judgment
The short ruling came in the form of an email
"You have failed to explain, much less justify, any basis for a stay"
That's how nice polite judges say "bitch, please:"

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